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Easy Festive Fig Cheese Ball

fig cheese ball

This fig and roquefort fetsive cheese ball is the quickest Christmas snack you’ll ever make. Plus, it’s so darn tasty – once you get over how pretty it is!

You’d never believe this beaut takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. Ain’t nobody got time to slave on Christmas day! In fact, get it done the night before and pop it into the fridge to set.

fig cheese ball

Preserved figs are such a festive food, but we’re usually not a fan. Marbrin Farm does it right! These juicy gems are very lightly preserved in a loose syrup, which is why they maintain that light green colour and fresh look. Paired with a banging blue cheese you can’t go wrong.

fig cheese ball

Serves 6 – 8 as part of canapes or a pre mains snack.

How to make a fig and roquefort cheese ball this Christmas


425g cream cheese at room temperature
100g blue cheese crumbled
4 Marbrin preserved figs – 3 chopped and 1 reserved for topping (optional)
Marbrin 6 year aged balsamic for topping (optional)
Crackers to serve


Beat cream cheese until smooth.
Stir through blue cheese and figs until combined.
Gather together in the bowl, and then top out onto a sheet or two of cling wrap.
Enclose with cling wrap into a ball shape, and place in fridge to set for approximately 2 hours.
When ready to serve, unwrap on a platter, and smooth with a hot knife.
Top with a whole preserved fig, drizzle lightly with balsamic, and scatter with salt flakes.
Surround with crackers and dig in!

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